European Institute - Denmark


European Institute - Denmark (Det Danske Europa Institut A/S) provides training, education and advice with relations to the European Union (EU) and also consultancy in general management issues. 

The European Institute is working in EU accession countries, EU Member States and other countries. 

The Institute is located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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General Overview for selected EU-projects Projects undertaken by the European Institute in the course of the last years. The overview has a breakdown on horizontal (general) areas and specific chapters of the legislation of the EU (the acquis communautaire). Due to client confidentiality, some of Institute’s advisory assistance serices are not covered on this web-site.
EU-negotiation techniques Training was provided mainly for EU candidate countries and new member states in central and eastern Europe
EU-information Assistance for the establishment of information centres in EU.
Continuous Professional Training Training was provided on EU issues for civil servants and trainers.3
Internal Market Free movement issues and competition
Judges Training of judges and technical assistance to the judiciary
Transport Maritime Safety and Marco Polo Programme
Conferences Competition Policy
Study tours   Various EU capitals 
Latest update February 2010