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Free movement of goods (chapter 1) - Bulgaria

Project title: ”Training for civil servants on the Free movement of goods

Country: Bulgaria

Recipient authority: Bulgarian Ministry of Industry in Sofia

Project description:

The overall goal of the project was to support the Bulgarian preparations for EU membership and economic integration. The immediate objective  was to conduct 'specialist to specialist exchange' with Bulgarian civil servants on the Free movement of goods.

The programme was implemented in May 1999. The participants were senior experts from the Ministry of Industry, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Environment, the Committee of Standardisation and Metrology, the Ministry of Trade and Tourism, the Ministry of Health and a few private sector representatives from Chamber of Commerce and others.

The training included

·        the functioning of the EU institutions and their impact on the Free movement of goods,

·        the geography of European integration (levels of integration, EU-EFTA-CEEC relations). The concepts of the Internal Market and “Industrial Policy” at the EU level. The Treaty and relevant case law on Free movement of goods were presented. A simple test on barriers to trade was used on several cases for plenum discussions,

·        the secondary legislation; the system of EU legal acts harmonising the security aspects of a large number of goods; the “Sectoral Approach” and the “New Approach”; the complementary function of directives and standard; cases were presented on directives for construction products, electromagnetic compatibility and toys; conformity assessment and the CE-mark,

·        cases on technical barriers to trade; Danish experiences with the combat of irregularities in the Internal Market and on the infringement procedures,

·        sources of EU information for the industry and for the public with focus on Free movement of goods.