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Justice and Home Affairs (chapter 24) - Bulgaria

Project title: Training for civil servants on Justice and Home Affairs

Country: Bulgaria

Recipient authority: Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sofia

Project description:

The overall goal of the programme was to provide a medium term perspective for EU training under bilateral Danish funding, thereby supporting the Bulgarian preparation for EU-membership. More specifically, the objective was to provide a specialist-to-specialist exchange for Bulgarian civil servants, working in the field of  EU Justice and Home Affairs.

The training was implemented in May 1999 and covered the following major points:

  • general evaluation of Pillar III co-operation in the EU, its main principles, its institutional framework and its impact on the Member States’ relevant policies. This includes also the changes from the base in the Maastricht Treaty to the Treaty of Amsterdam

  • the acquis for asylum and immigration

  • policy co-operation and the fight against crime; criminal law and civil law and finally Schengen and the Amsterdam Treaty

  • experience of the Danish Pillar III policy, its institutional background and the methods used by Denmark to influence EU policy making in this area.