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 Project title: “Training of Croatian media editors in EU topics”

 Country: Croatia

Recipient authority: Ministry of European Integration in Zagreb (Directorate for Education, Translation and Information)

Project description:

In the process of developing closer relations with the EU, a Croatian public debate about European Integration is considered important. Journalists and the media play a crucial role in fostering and running this debate.

In December 2001 a study tour to Copenhagen and Bruxelles was implemented.

In Copenhagen the group visited the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where it received information on topics such as EU decision-making; EU institutions; Danish views on openness in the EU; the future of Europe; EU-enlargement and finally EU and the Media.

In Bruxelles the group visited Directorate Generals of the Commission (external relations; Internal Market; Justice and Home Affairs) and also the Commission’s spokesman service. In addition they visited the Council Secretariat, the European Parliament, the Danish and Croatian permanent missions and finally EU-journalists.