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Consumers and health protection (chapter 23) - Czech Republic

Project title: “Seminar on Consumer Protection”.

Country: Czech Republic

Recipient authority: Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade in Prague

Project description:

The purpose of the project was to transfer Danish experience of the optimal way of ensuring consumer protection. The project aimed at representatives of relevant line ministries/ bodies of state administration, as well as representatives of economic and social partners.

The project was implemented in December 2000.

The training focused mainly on legal acts adopted in the Council concerning:

  • protection of the consumer in respect of contracts negotiated away from business premises 

  • consumer credit.

  • infant formulae and follow-on formula intended for export to third countries.

  • the protection of purchasers in respect of certain aspects of contracts relating to the purchase of the right to use immovable properties on a timeshare basis 

  • injunctions for the protection of consumers’ interests

  • liability for defective products

  • certain aspects of the sale of consumer goods, and associated guarantees Survey, Problems with Implementation and Application

  • unfair terms in consumer contracts

In addition, the project included a brief description of the organisational and the legislative development in the EU regarding consumer policy and the players in the EU system. Also, the significance of Comitology, i.e. the Juridical Committee and the Environmental Committee, was mentioned.

The training closed with an outline of the decision-making and the organisational set-up within the consumer area in Denmark and other Nordic countries.