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Free movement of capital (chapter 3&4) - Czech republic

Project title: “Training on EC legislation in the field of capital market and its application in Denmark”

Country: Czech Republic

Recipient authorities: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Czech Securities Commission in Prague

Project description:

The overall goal of the seminar was to give officials from certain ministries/bodies of state administration a further training in EC legislation concerning capital market and to create a possibility for them to learn from experience of a Member State with its application/implementation. The immediate objective was to provide expert assistance on the EC legislation concerning the capital market and on the experience of Denmark with its application/implementation.

The project was implemented in Prague in April 2000 and included the following issues:

  • prudential regulation and supervision of the securities market in Denmark, including the EU Directive on Investment Services in Securities Field 93/22

  • concrete Czech problems of implementation, and the practical terms of dealing with the EU systems rules concerning the financial sector and capital market.

  • adjustment of legislation in the Eastern European countries with regard to capital movements

  • the OECD Capital Code

  • a case study on the Banking and Insurance Market.