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Project title: “EU information and media 2001”

Country: Estonia

Recipient authorities:

State Chancellery (Riigikantselei) - European Union Information Secretariat (ELIS)

Ministry of Culture - Media and Copyright Department

Project description:

From June to December 2001 activities covering advisory work, seminars and workshops were implemented in Estonia. In addition, the project included a study tour to Copenhagen

The project’s overall goal was to improve the level of knowledge on EU matters for Estonians working in the public administration (centrally as well as locally) and other groups, such as people working within NGOs, media, education etc. The primary aim was to provide knowledge on contemporary EU integration related issues related to public information management in the EU and in particular in Denmark.

Workshops on “Contemporary Media Relations” focused on the rights of the media in relation to access to EU information and to the obligations on Member States’ authorities in relation to openness and secrecy requirements in EU-law. The workshops considered applications for information, grounds for refusal and the planning of information policies. Theories on communication were presented.  Danish experiences were used as practical examples of media relations together with the case law of the European Court of Justice on access to information.

Workshops on “Danish Experiences on EU Information and Media 2001” focused on the strategic planning and co-ordination in communication. Consequences for strategic planning were drawn from the procedural rules of the Community institutions, with special emphasis on the Comitology procedure. The Danish experiences and the case law of the European Court of Justice were used as practical examples of the possibilities of strategic planning.

Seminars covered introduction and sharing of Danish experiences from the MEDIA PLUS programme, the programme potentials and possibilities for Estonian international co-productions.