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Project title: “Study Tour to Brussels for the Russian speaking journalists from the Baltic Countries”

Countries: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

Recipient authorities:

European Union Information Secretariat (ELIS) in Tallinn, European Integration Bureau (EIB) in Riga and European Committee (EC) in Vilnius

Project description:

The study tour was implemented in March 2001.

The study tour would aim to provide journalists from the Russian speaking media a closer look at the European Union, to present a broader EU picture thus showing that there is more to report about the EU than it might seem from the local perspective.

On the way to Bruxelles the journalists had a short stop in Copenhagen visiting the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They were introduced to the EU institutions and decision-making; openness in the EU, including access to documents; the actual status of the accession negotiation process; Structural Funds; Danish views and expectations to the enlarged EU and finally some implications of the Schengen Agreement.

In Bruxelles, the group visited Directorate Generals in the Commission having information about enlargement, Internal Market and agriculture. Furthermore, they met EU journalists and a lobbyist. Finally, they visited the permanent representations of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Denmark.