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EU-information – establishment of regional EU information centres

Project title: “Team Europe – Estonia”

Country: Estonia

Recipient authorities: Office of European Integration in Tallinn and 15 regional information centres in Estonia  

Concept of Team Europe. The European Institute has established national networks of Team Europe in Estonia (1998), Lithuania (2003) and Latvia (2003).

Project description:

The overall goal of the project was to establish 15 regional EU info centres in Estonia and to educate the staff for the centres. Each of the 15 counties in Estonia should have one info centre. The immediate objective was to create an organisation - a ‘Team Europe’, similar to be found in some Member States and a few of the candidate countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

The project was implemented from November 1997 to October 1998 in various parts of Estonia and with study tours to Copenhagen.

30 staff members were educated in horizontal EU-issues and in selected major chapters of the acquis, such as the Internal Market, agriculture, regional policy, environment, employment and consumer protection. In addition, the staff received training specific related to Public Relation, management, sources for EU-information and finally presentation techniques vis á vis the public media (TV, radio and written) and for ‘own’ audience.