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EU- negotiations /CAP (chapter 7) - Hungary

Project title: "Training programme for EU-accession negotiations with focus on CAP (Common Agricultural Policy)"

Further issues dealt with in the project: Fisheries (chapter 8), Regional Policy (chapter 21) and Consumers and Health Protection (chapter 23)

Country: Hungary

Recipient authority: Ministry of Agriculture and Regional Development (Department for European Integration)

Project description:

From November 2001 to February 2002, 80 civil servants were trained in Budapest on negotiation techniques and the future perspectives on CAP. The training included simulations of negotiations in a Council working group on a proposal from the Commission for a Council directive establishing transition arrangements. The training covered the practice and procedures for the Presidency, Council Secretariat, Commission and national delegates around the negotiation table in Brussels.

The negotiation training was combined with English language training for foreigners, implemented in co-operation with the British company ‘The Language Project’ in Bristol, UK (contact details: Director Dr. Jonathan Wright, website:, phone +44 117 909 0911)

In addition, practice and techniques for ‘Comitology’ procedures were incorporated in the programme, taking into account that the ministry should attend approximately 50 ‘Comitology’ committees in Brussels. This attendance will commence when the Hungarian Treaty of Accession has been signed, most likely in the start of 2003, i.e.1-2 years before the Hungarian EU-membership.

Furthermore, the project included ‘training of trainers’ in ‘Comitology’ related to CAP, consumer protection, fisheries and regional policy, enabling Hungarian civil servants to educate their own colleagues in ‘Comitology’ in the future.

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