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Company Law (Chapter 5) - Hungary

Project title: Training on selected topics of Intellectual Property Rights within the company chapter of the Acquis (EC IPRS)”

Country: Hungary

Recipient authority: Hungarian Patent Office in Budapest

Project description:

The overall goal of the project was to support the Hungarian preparations for EU membership with the immediate objective to give a better understanding of the topics of Intellectual Property Rights within the Company Chapter of the acquis


The project was implemented in November 1999 and included the following issues:

  • an overview of the historic development of the EPC and the agreement relating to Community Patent from 1989.

  • the articles of the EPC which regulate the territory covered by the convention

  • the rights conferred by application and patent - the translation requirements

  • the role of the national offices and invalidity proceedings and enforcement of rights

  •  the basis in the EPC, for the Community Patent Convention (CPC) having the EPC as an integral part of the CPC

  • consequences for the Danish Patent Office, industry and patent attorneys after Denmark’s accession to the EPC in 1990

  • the most relevant parts of the “Agreement relating to Community Patents”, including the political statement in the preamble, the CPC and the “Protocol on Litigation”.

  • Commission’s “Green Paper on the Community Patent and Patent Systems in Europe” from 1997 and the “Follow-up to the Green Paper” from 1999.

  • Community Trade Mark, including its history, requirements for registration and exhaustion of rights – with examples illustrating the problems and case law.

  • Design Rights in the Future Community Design

  • The Hague Arrangement and the OHIM - supplemented by interesting case law. Many of the cases were Danish court decisions illustrating Danish practice.

  • the interpretation of the maximum time of protection enjoyed by the future EU design protection

  • Internet related aspects of trade marks and copyrights