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Free movement of goods (chapter 1) - Lithuania

Project title: ”Seminar on national law regarding free movements of goods and the safety of industrial products”

Country: Lithuania

Recipient authority: Ministry of Security and Labour in Vilnius

Project description:

The overall goal of the project was to support the Lithuanian preparations for EU membership. The immediate objective was to train Lithuanian civil servants in

the implementation into national legislation and enforcement of the following directives:

73/361/EEC: Directive on certification and marking of wire-ropes, chains and hooks

89/686/EEC: Directive on personnel protective equipment

93/15/EEC: Directive on explosives for civil use

95/16/EC: Directive on lifts

98/37/EC: Directive on the safety of machinery

97/23/EC: Directive on pressure equipment

The training included also general information on the Internal Market and the technique of new approach harmonisation. Interactive exchange of views between the Lithuanian civil servants and Danish experts, with in depth knowledge of the directives and solid experience from their implementation and administration, played a key role in the training. 

The project was implemented in December 1999 in Copenhagen