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Financial Acquis (chapter 28 & 29) - Lithuania

Project title: ‘Financial Supervision of EU Regulations’

Country: Lithuania

Recipient authority: Ministry of Finance in Vilnius

Project description:

The overall goal of the project was to support the Lithuanian preparations for EU membership. The immediate objectives were

  • To ensure correct and reliable implementation of EU regulations with financial impact

  • To ensure correct and reliable implementation of EU directives with an impact on financial accounting

  • To strengthen the Lithuanian civil servants ability to ensure correct and reliable implementation of the Structural Funds in Lithuania.

In December 1999 the project covered training of civil servants in issues such as

  • the institutional and legal background of the EU budget and financing

  • national enforcement and the division of tasks at the level of the Member State.

  • control and audit at the EU-level with specifications on CAP and Structural Funds.

  • the future perspectives for a more simplified financial system

  • combating fraud

  • the effects and consequences of the EU -enlargement.