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Project title: "Support to EU Information Centres"

Country: Slovakia

Recipient authority: The Office of Government of the Slovak Republic (Department of Institutions Building and Citizens Preparation for EU Membership - OBIPO)

Project description:

From October to December 2001 seminars were implemented in Bratislava aiming at supporting the establishment of regional information centres. The centres should increase the awareness and knowledge of the EU, in particular in relation to Slovakia’s accession to the EU, among the Slovakian population as well as local authorities, NGOs and private enterprises.

The seminars gave particular attention to

  • Danish experiences on providing EU information to the public and the industry

  • how the information and media coverage take place and

  • perspectives of the information centres, taking into account that even after may years of membership there will still be a need for providing neutral, reliable and non- biased EU-information to the public and the private sector.

In addition, the training covered

  • online demonstration for searching and finding EU information, mainly from the europa-server and the links allocated

Furthermore, the training covered

  • introduction to project management

  • fundraising from national sources

  • writing of successful applications for EU grants (Project Cycle and Logical Framework Approach, budget control).