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Project title: “Study Tour to Copenhagen and Bruxelles - Training of Slovak journalists and information officers in EU matters”

Country: Slovakia

Recipient authority: The Office of Government of the Slovak Republic (Department of Institutions Building and Citizens Preparation for EU Membership - OBIPO) in Bratislava

Project description:

The study tour was implemented in November 2001.

The project aimed at supporting the Slovak "Communication Strategy for the Preparation of the Population for EU Membership" by means of providing training for selected journalists on various aspects of the EU, Slovak EU accession and issues related to journalism/news reporting and the EU. The project should thus in the longer term contribute to stimulating an informed EU debate in the Slovak population and to enhancing its knowledge on EU matters.

The visit in Copenhagen to the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs covered topics such as decision-making at the national and EU level, the future of Europe, information policy of the EU, enlargement and the Euro.

In Bruxelles the group visited different DG’s (Directorate Generals) of the Commission; expatriated EU journalists; lobbyists; the Council Secretariat; the European Parliament and finally the Lithuanian and Danish permanent missions.