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Company Law (Chapter 5) - Romania

Project title: ”Training for civil servants on Intellectual Property Rights and Copyright

Country: Romania

Recipient authority: State Office for Inventions and Trademarks in Bucharest

Project description:

The overall goal of the project was to support the Romanian preparations for economic integration and EU membership. The immediate objective was to implement specialist-to-specialist exchange for civil servants on intellectual property rights and copyrights, to enhance the possibilities of the Romanian administration to face the challenges presented in the Commission’s Progress Reports.

The project was implemented in June 1999. The training included topics such as:

  • a general introduction to EU involvement in intellectual and industrial property law and the wider international co-operation in the field

  • exhaustion of rights, enforcement of rights and the combat of counterfeiting and piracy

  • administrative and judicial infrastructure required for the administration of patents, utility models, trademark designs etc

  • the role of intellectual property law in the economy and the role of Community legislative initiatives in the creation of the single market

  • the administrative and judicial infrastructure required to meet the demands of a single market

  • the impact of the implementation for the Acquis in Romania on national registration authorities, law enforcement and judicial structures, the professions, industry, consumers as well as the Community Patent and the Community Design

  • incorporation of different groups of stakeholders in the process of transforming the national legislation according to the requirements of the acquis, including the dichotomy product development against reward made possible by protection, balanced against other needs of society.