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Regional policy and co-ordination of structural instruments (Chapter 21) - Romania

Project titles: (i) ”Training for civil servants from regional units on EU matters” and (ii) “EU Regional Policy - practical tools and skills in project design, project implementation and project management”

Country: Romania

Recipient authorities: Department for Local Public Administration in Bucharest and the regions of Piatra Neamt, Sibiu, Olanesti and Mangalia

Project description:

The overall objective of the project (i) was to give the civil servants from central and local administration a general introduction to the EU institutions and policies, especially structural funds as a tool for regional development. The immediate objective was to give a solid introduction into EU-policies and institutions, and to highlight how the EU will affect the local governments.

For project (ii) the overall objective was strengthening the skills and qualifications to elaborate, implement and manage EU-projects in the region. The immediate objectives were to improve the knowledge and understanding on how to stimulate development in the region by making EU funding available for the region.

Project (i) was implemented in Bucharest and 4 the regions of Piatra Neamt, Sibiu, Olanesti and Mangalia and project (ii) in Sibiu.

The activities took place from June 1999 to November 2001