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Consumers and Health protection (chapter 23) - Romania

Project title: Training for civil servants on Consumer Protection

Country: Romania

Recipient authority: Government Office for Consumer Protection in Bucharest

Project description:

The overall goal of the project was to support the Romanian preparations for EU membership. The immediate objective was to provide a specialist to specialist exchange within the area of consumer protection for high level civil servants.

The programme was implemented in September 1999 and included the following topics:


  • the legal basis of the Treaty and the related organisation in the European Commission

  • the most important adopted secondary legislation in the consumer area

  • a survey of the future expected secondary legislation

  • the development and use of the principle of subsidiarity for the consumer area


  • EU decision-making procedure in Bruxelles in the regime of the Council and in the Commission and the related parallel Danish procedure

  • the importance of early presentation of national interests  in the decision-making procedure and how this is done in practice.

  • specific consumer related cases, such as product safety and other safety related directives (toys, imitation, personal protection), the new approach to technical harmonisation standards and finally conformity assessment.


  • Swedish experience for consumer policy as seen from a newcomer with the latest EU-enlargement

  • the way of influencing the policy in Brussels before the Commission presents a proposal and during the negotiations among the Member States in regime of the Council.