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Project title: "The Judge in the European Union" - Training of judges and technical assistance to the judiciary

Country: Estonia

Recipient authority:  Ministry of Justice

Project description:

In September 2002 activities cover training in Estonia for Estonian judges. The training focuses on the European Court of Justice (ECJ) and the role of national courts, in particular on topics such as

  •  Essential principles of community law
  •  The EU judicial system
  •  The procedures before the two courts, in particular with regard to direct cases and    preliminary references illustrated by Danish examples
  •  The role of the national judge in preliminary references
  •  The practical handling of a case within the ECJ
  • The national procedure for handling cases before the two courts the Danish example
  •  Access for individuals
  •  Jurisdiction of the national courts
  •  National remedies

The project is implemented in co-operation with the Legal Service in the Danish Ministry

of Foreign Affairs.