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EU-negotiation and negotiation techniques - Czech Republic

Project title: “Training of senior officials of the Czech Ministry of Agriculture in Comitology and the Decision Making Process of the EU”

Countries: Czech Republic

Recipient authority: The Ministry of Agriculture in the Czech republic

Project description:

The project aimed at training civil servants from the Czech Ministry of Agriculture in negotiating techniques to be used in agricultural committees of the Commission and the Council working groups.

The project consisted of three-days seminars in Prague in April, May and June 2003.

To give a general understanding of the working of the EU-system and the ways of influence in the field of agriculture, the seminars also included courses in comitology, i.e. the decision-making process within the Union’s committees and working groups. 90 experts were trained during the three seminars held (30 experts at each seminar). The project received a very positive evaluation.

During the seminars the participants learnt about general negotiation techniques, the roles of the delegates around the table and the possibility of influence of the single member state.

As part of the seminars, the negotiation situation was simulated on basis of a proposed directive from the Commission. To make the situation as realistic as possible, the participants were taking the roles of national delegations, negotiating on basis of home country instructions and the experts of the European Institute were holding the roles of the Commission and the Council Secretariat. The experts of the European Institute thereby assured that the simulation reached its pedagogical goals, which was also assured through the consequent feed back session.

Finally, The European Institute handed out a list of Council working groups and Commission committees, which the Czech Ministry of Agriculture and its related agencies would possibly be attending. The list was produced by the Institute.

Each seminar ended with an evaluation by the attendants, with a possible score between 1 and 4, 4 meaning “very good” and thus the best possible grade. To the pleasure of the Institute, the average score was very high (Approx. 3.87).

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