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Project title: “Establishing of a Team Europe – Latvia”

Country: Latvia

Recipient authority: European Integration Bureau (EIB), Riga, Latvia

Concept of Team Europe. The European Institute has established national networks of Team Europe in Estonia (1998), Lithuania (2003) and Latvia (2003).

Project description:

The overall objective of the project was to establish a Team Europe – Latvia. The project took place from March to July 2003 and consisted of an introductory meeting, seven EU-courses and three seminars.

The introductory meeting, implemented by the European Institute, included for instance a general introduction to the concept of Team Europe and elements of teambuilding.

The seven EU-courses were implemented by the Latvian School of Public Administration (LSPA) and bore the following titles:

-         “Generel EU introduction” (two days)

-         “The Accession Process” (one day)

-         “Internal Market” (one day)

-         “Common Agricultural Policy” (one day)

-         “EU Regional Policy + Employment and Social Affairs Policy (one day)

-         “EU Environmental Policy” (one day)

-         “Consequences of EU membership for Latvia” (one day)

The courses were meant to enhance team members’ capacity to provide information on EU-issues. The three seminars (described below) further strengthened this capacity through knowledge sharing with other team members and training in presentation techniques. The seminars were implemented by the European Institute.

The first seminar was entitled “Knowledge-sharing with Team Europe – Estonia and Team Europe - Lithuania” and lasted three days. During the seminar, three members of Team Europe – Estonia and three members of Team Europe – Lithuania acted as resource persons sharing their experiences with their Latvian colleagues. It was decided to establish a network of Team Europe in the Baltic States. The study visit also included elements of team-building to strengthen team members’ networking mentality.

The second seminar, “Presentation techniques and media training” (three days) included training on general presentation skills and specific EU-presentations by the potential team members. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) were used as a model for the presentations of EU-information.  

During the “Closing seminar” in July (two days), 53 Latvians received a diploma, issued by the European Integration Bureau and were appointed as members of Team Europe - Latvia. The team will have further regular training, envisaged to take place twice a year for two to three days.