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Cards project

General Project title: ”Preparation of the Czech Republic for integration into the Internal Market (Phase 3)”, 2002

Specific issue: Free movement of goods (Chapter 1): Notification procedures

Country: Czech Republic

Recipient authority: Czech Office for standards, Metrology and Testing

Project description:

The Project consisted in a three-days study visit to Copenhagen for staff-members from the Czech Office for standards, Metrology and Testing, in September 2002.

The immediate objective of the study visit was to transfer knowledge and practical experience in the field of EU notification law, with special consideration to practical issues in relation to institutions and procedures. Further, it aimed at establishing working relationships with Danish colleagues.

The staff was received at the European Institute, where a short introduction was conducted. The introduction included:       

-         Introduction to the Danish notification procedures

-         Discussion on notification issues

-         Institutional implications

-         Practical examples

-         Discussion on the Czech legislation and practice


During the following days, the officials visited:

-         The National agency for Enterprise and Housing (“Erhvervs- og Boligstyrelsen”) of the Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs

-         The Confederation of Danish Industries (“Dansk Industri”)

-         The National Working Environment Authority (“Arbejdstilsynet”) of the Ministry of Employment

-         The Danish Standard Association (“Dansk Standard”)

-         The Danish Ministry of Justice (“Justitsministeriet”)