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Project title: ďStudy tour to Copenhagen and Brussels for Latvian Media EditorsĒ

Countries: Denmark and Belgium (Brussels)

Recipient authority: European Integration Bureau (EIB), Latvia

Project description:

With the overall objective of furthering a more informed public EU debate in Latvia, this study tour aimed at improving journalistsí EU knowledge, thereby enhancing the quantity and quality of EU reporting in Latvian newspapers.

The study tour took place during five days in May 2003, in Copenhagen and Brussels.

In Copenhagen, the journalists visited the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and were received by Danish civil servants with long experience in the field of EU. The following subjects were dealt with:

  • EU decision-making / EU institutions  

  • Danish views on Openness in the EU

  • The future of Europe

  • The EU in the national news coverage

  • Reporting the EU

In Brussels, the participants visited the following institutions:


  • Commissionís Directorate General (DG) for Enlargement

  • The Commissionís Press Room

  • Commissionís Directorate General (DG) for Justice and Home Affairs

  • The Permanent Latvian Mission

  • The Danish Agricultural Council (DAC)

  • The Commissionís Spokesman Service

  • The Council Secretariat

  • NATO

  • The European Parliament

  • The Danish Permanent Mission


Through the lectures, the journalists got an overall picture of the EU, useful background information and new inspiration for reporting. Furthermore, they made valuable contacts.