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Project title: "Strengthening Maritime Safety in Latvia"

Country: Latvia

Recipient authorities: Ministry of Transport and the Maritime Administration of Latvia (MAL) in Riga

Project description:

The overall objective is strengthening maritime safety in Latvia. Consequently, the assistance shall ensure that the Latvian maritime administrative infrastructure and capacity are adequate at the time of EU accession.

The project was implemented from September – December 2003, on the basis of a feasibility study, carried out by the European Institute in May and June 2003. It includes six components as follows:


Component 1: “Legal Assistance for Transposing the Maritime Acquis into Latvian Legislation”

The component focuses in particular on the following outstanding parts of the maritime acquis:

  • National legislation regarding supervision of recognised organisations

  • Implementation of Vessel Traffic Monitoring and Information System directive

  • Marine equipment directive with amendments


Component 2: “Assistance for improving the Maritime Administrative Structure”

The project was concluded by proposals for changing the administrative structure for the maritime administration in the Ministry of Transport and in the Maritime Administration of Latvia. In addition, proposals were made for changes in the national legal process and for transparency of the presentation of IMO and EU legal affairs.    


Component 3: “Maritime Negotiations and Co-operation Process”

The component aims at transferring experience and knowledge of EU negotiation techniques and practices within EU institutions, especially the Council and the Commission.

The component includes a seminar with simulation of an EU negotiation in a Council working group on a proposal from the Commission for a directive on maritime safety in the Baltic Sea.

In addition, the seminar includes Comitology-procedures related in particular to transport, such as advisory procedure; management procedure and regulatory procedure. Furthermore, the seminar deals with the Committee on Safe Seas and the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (COSS).

For a general description of EU-negotiation seminars implemented by the European Institute, please click here


Component 4: “Maritime Accidents”

The component provides Danish and international experience on investigation of maritime accidents. A transfer of experience is necessary, as the existing Latvian legislation is out-dated.


Component 5: “Technical Assistance to Marine Administration of Latvia (MAL)”

The component deals with three main issues:

1) Monitoring of - and Communication with - Recognised Organisation. Relevant IMO documentation: Res. A.847(20) para 4.2

2) ISM ship/company Certification and Audits. Relevant IMO documentation: SOLAS Chapter IX. International Safety Management code

3) Issuing of Cargo Ship Safety Equipment Certificate. Relevant IMO documentation: SOLAS Chapter 1, Regulation 12


Component 6: Closing Seminar

The project closes with a seminar dealing with any outstanding questions emerging after the finalisation of the previous five components. The seminar also takes into account the latest proposals from the Commission in the fields of maritime safety and pollution prevention.