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Continuous Professional Training

Some EU-candidate countries have decided to undertake Continuous Professional Training (CPT).

This training aims at providing a continuous training for civil servants in EU-issues. The training might be general, such as on the functioning of the EU, its institutions and decision-making. Or, it might be specific, such as in the field of the Internal Market (a group of chapters of the acquis), an individual chapter (such as Regional Policy, chapter 21) or a topic within a chapter (such as Technical Barriers to Trade within chapter 1 on the Free Movement of Goods).

The continuous training could be for central and local government and it might be obligatory for the civil servants to take part. In Latvia, a basic EU module is mandatory  - and approximately 30,000 civil servants need to attend.

Some candidate countries have decided to allocate CPT for a local training institution.

The European Institute gives assistance to CPT in candidate countries. This assistance covers general and specific training provided by the Institute’s staff for local civil servants on EU-affairs. In addition, the Institute’s training aims at local trainers who in the future will implement the training on their own (‘training of trainers’). During the assistance the recipient authorities will receive proposals for training programmes (syllabus) and teaching material – or even a handbook (manual) dedicated for the future trainers.

For further details, click on the projects listed below:

·        “Establishing Continuous Professional Training (CPT) for Latvian civil servants on EU issues”, 2000-2001

·       “Continuous Professional Training (CPT) in EU subjects”, Estonia, 1999-2000

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