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As one of its core competences, the European Institute provides technical assistance on EU-information.

The assistance covers support and training in regard to the setting-up of EU information centres. 

This might include:

1.      general introduction to the EU, such as institutions, EU-law, decision-making, searching and finding EU-information from various international sources

2.      specific introduction to major EU-policy areas, such as agriculture, regional policy, environment, free movement of people

3.      relations to the written and electronic media,  such as ethics in PR work

4.      management of a centre, such as project management, fund-raising and business plans

The EU-candidate countries are establishing EU information centres on a central or local level aiming at informing the general public (including the private sector) about the EU, in most cases also preparing for a referendum of EU-accession.  

In some candidate countries a 'Team Europe' has been created, a network of people specialised in certain areas of the EU and therefore able to provide information to the public. This initiative is identical to what has been done in the old Member States.

In addition, the Institute provides training for professional media people, such as EU-journalists and information officers in the EU-candidate countries.

For further details, click on the projects listed below:

·       “EU information and media 2001”, Estonia

·        “Development of regional EU information-capabilities in Lithuania”, 2001-2002

·       "Support to EU Information Centres", Slovakia, 2001 

·        Study Tour to Copenhagen and Bruxelles - Training of Slovak journalists and information officers in EU matters”, 2001

·        Study Tour to Brussels for the Russian speaking journalists from the Baltic Countries”, 2001

·       Training of Croatian media editors in EU topics”, 2001

·        “Team Europe – Estonia”, 1997-98

·        “Team Europe – Latvia”, 2003

·        “Team Europe – Lithuania”, 2003

For a detailed list of recent projects please contact the European Institute.