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EU-Negotiation Techniques

The European Institute provides practical training on EU-negotiation techniques for civil servants who represent their country in a national delegation in Brussels.

For an overview of EU-negotiation seminars implemented by the European Institute, please click here. The overview contains information on number of seminars and participants, recipient countries and organisations and implementation year (For information on each project, please see below).

The training consists in simulations of an EU-negotiation, based on a proposal from the Commission

·        in working groups in regime of the Council, chaired by the rotating Presidency, assisted by the Council Secretariat and with participation of the Commission and national delegations, or

·        in committees in regime of the Commission, chaired by the Commission and with participation of national delegations (‘Comitology’).

Simulations will normally last one day, during which the participants in the training (civil servants) form national delegations and Presidency, while the staff of the European Institute takes the role of the Commission and Council Secretariat.

Prior to the simulation, the participants will have received information on reservations used in practice in the EU; the interpretation of a mandate/instruction from their capital; a recommended method to be used for EU-negotiation and finally the proposal for the legal act in an English and sometimes a French text.

After the simulation an intense feed-back session will take place.

The training/simulation may be general or related to a specific EU policy area and can be combined with English language training.

The English language training is implemented by the British company ‘The Language Project’ in Bristol, UK (contact details: Director Dr. Jonathan Wright, website:, phone +44 117 909 0911).

For further details, please click on the projects listed below:

·        EU-negotiation combined with English Language Training (Slovakia), 2001

·        EU-negotiations with focus on agriculture and combined with English Language Training (Hungary), 2001-2002

·        Negotiating in English for transport ministries (Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia),1999

·        EU Negotiations and Negotiations Techniques (Czech Republic; Croatia), 2002

·        EU Negotiation aiming at diplomats (Hungary and Romania), 1999

·        EU negotiation combined with agriculture/environmental policy/industrial policy/EMU, 1999-2000 (Slovenia)

·      Preparation of the Czech Republic for integration into the Internal Market (Phase 3), 2002

·        Training of Senior Officials of the Czech Ministry of Agriculture in Comitology and the Decision-Making process of the EU, 2003

·        Strengthening Maritime Safety in Lithuania, 2003

·        Strengthening Maritime Safety in Latvia, 2003

For a detailed list of recent projects please contact the European Institute.