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Internal Market

The Internal Market of the EU covers a wide range of issues.

Within the last 3 years the Institute has undertaken many projects concerning the Internal Market. The projects range from a general introduction to specific chapters of the acquis, to policy areas within one chapter (public procurement, technical barriers to trade etc.) or information on a single directive.

For details on individual projects, click on the issues/areas listed below.

Horizontal issues within the Internal Market

        Integrated approach for the Internal Market

        Free movement of goods (chapter 1)

        Free movement of persons (chapter 2)

        Free movement of services (chapter 3)

        Free movement of capital (chapter 4)

        Industrial policy (chapter 15)

        Company law (chapter 5)

       Competition policy (chapter 6)

       Consumers and health protection (chapter 23)

Specific areas within the Internal Market

        Public Procurement

        Technical Barriers to Trade

        European Patent System

        Notification Procedures

        Mutual Recognition of Professional Qualifications


        Insurance Supervision

        Practical Aspects of Competition Law

        State Aid

        Intellectual property right and copyright

        Intellectual property rights within the company chapter of the acquis (EC IPRS)

        Safety of industrial products

        EC legislation in the field of capital market and its application in Denmark