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Study Tours

Technical Assistance and training will normally take place in the recipient state. However, study tours to Copenhagen or Brussels can be an integrated part of a project or a purpose itself.

Within the last years, the European Institute has implemented a number of tours, listed below:  

Study tours for journalists / media:

Study tour to Brussels for the Russian speaking journalists from the Baltic Countries" - with a short stop over in Copenhagen, 2001

Training of Croatian media editors in EU topics" - took place in Copenhagen and Brussels, 2001

Training of Slovak journalists and information officers in EU matters" - Study tour to Copenhagen and Brussels, 2001

Specialized courses for Estonian journalists and politicians" - took place in Tallinn and with a tour to Copenhagen, 1999-2000

“Study tour to Copenhagen and Brussels for Latvian Media Editors”, 2003

Study tours for civil servants:

"Development of regional EU information capabilities in Lithuania" - took place in various parts of Lithuania supplemented with 4 tours to Denmark, 2001-2002

Study tours to Copenhagen and Brussels for Latvian 'trainers' in EU topics, 2001-2002

Study tour to Copenhagen for "Team Europe - Estonia", 1998

"EU Negotiations and Negotiation Techniques" - took place in Copenhagen for Slovak civil servants, 2001. In Copenhagen the participants met Danish colleagues in ministries.

"Training in Notification and Information Procedures" - study tour to Copenhagen for staff-members of the Czech office for standards, Metrology and Testing, 2002

"Preparation of the Czech Republic for Integration into the Internal Market (Phase 3)". Study tour to Copenhagen for experts of the Czech National Bank, 2002.

Study tour to Copenhagen for 20 Estonian 'shadow lecturers', 1999-2000

"EU information and media 2001" - took place in Estonia with a study tour to Copenhagen

"Strengthening Maritime Safety in Lithuania, 2003" - Five study visits to Denmark

For a detailed list of recent study tours please contact the European Institute.